Following are the Terms & Conditions of Sale between Arteriors  hereby referred to as ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our,’ and ‘Arteriors,’ and any person willing to do business with Arteriors is hereby referred to as ‘you,’ ‘customer,’ ‘client,’ ‘buyer.’

The general working hours are from 11 am to 9 pm with some exceptions for certain departments. The working days are from Saturday to Thursday, with Friday as off. In addition, any International, National, and Religious Holidays do not constitute working days.

1.      Warranty Claims

We offer warranty claims on two of the components used in our furniture, namely wood and foam. The following details the conditions when a warranty claim is applicable on both of the components, as well as the procedure of claiming.

1.1 On Wood

We provide 5 years fixing warranty on wood joints or any issue relating to the wooden structure after the furniture has been delivered to the customer. We don’t offer a warranty on the structure breaking after use, nor do we guarantee that the structure is unbreakable. We further don’t guarantee the wooden structure is termite-proof.


If the product is returned at the buyer’s expense, including but not limited to transportation, labor charges, extra materials, and replacements of other materials to Arteriors during the fixing warranty period, the product will be repaired in 10 working days.

1.2 On Foam

In the event of the foam catching mold, we will forward the case to the foam company and likewise provide any refund if the case demands it from the company as long as the foam company’s policy is to refund. For any foam warranty claim, the claim will be forwarded to the foam company, and all the proceedings will be made in accordance with their terms and conditions.

The return is made at the customer’s expense, including labor charges, extra materials, and replacements of other materials, if applicable.

As per our customer commitment, we always use the first quality foam of reputed companies, and through them, we offer a 10-year warranty on the foam.

1.3 Claim Procedure

In case of any claimable issue, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Go through this document, ‘Terms & Conditions of Sale’ in detail to determine if there is a claimable issue.
  2. Reach out to the After Sales Department using any of the following channels:
    • Email to arteriorsfurniture@gmail.com
    • Call +92 336 204 2666
  • Using any of the above channels, register the complaint, including the issue and the order number. If writing an email, use the following template for the subject line, ‘[Order Number] Claim [Issue].’
  1. Our customer support agent will reply with the proceedings within 3 working days.

      1.4 After Sales Department

All warranty claims are handled by our After Sales Department. Customers can reach out directly with the timings of 9 am to 9 pm from Saturday to Thursday. The contact details for all the departments are available on the Contact Us page and for the After Sales Department are as follows:

+92 332 233267 (Whatsapp)

In the event of not contacting the relevant department, Arteriors will not be liable for not entertaining any query regarding complaints or claims. However, the query may be forwarded to the relevant department.

2.      Order Booking

We offer order booking in both our physical outlet(s) and online through Arteriors.pk. In both cases, the advance amount and delivery amount are the same, as well as our policies on order booking.

2.1 Advance Amount

Once an order is made, an advance amount of 40% of the invoice total is required. The order won’t process without the 40% advance amount. The amount can be deposited in any of the given options for further processing.  

2.2 Design and Fabric Confirmation

Once the advance amount has been paid, customers get a window of 2 working days to finalize their fabric type, fabric color, and any design alterations. After this period, we will consider the fabric and design to be final for manufacturing, and any further change will not be possible.

 2.3 Other Details

Customers are responsible for providing any other details pertaining to the order by the time of booking when the deposit has been made. This may include details like dimensions, orientation, or some other detail. If no such details are provided, the product will be made according to the default design and setting as provided. Afterward, no query with alteration of the details will be entertained.

2.4 Order Cancellation

Any furniture order can be subject to cancellation by either the customer or Arteriors. The policy, in either case, depends upon the stage in which the order is currently going through. 

       2.4.1 From Customer

          Any order made without depositing the advance amount can be canceled by the customer at any time without any charges.

          Once the deposit amount is made, the manufacturing process also starts. If the order is canceled within 2 working days after deposit, 30% of the total amount will be refunded. If the cancellation request is made after 2 working days of the deposit, 10% of the total amount will be refunded.

       2.4.2 From Company

          Arteriors reserves the right to cancel any order by informing the customer at any time, either online or in-store. The entire advance amount submitted will be refunded in 3-7 working days.

          If the order is not collected on delivery within 30 days after it has been dispatched, the order will be considered canceled. In this case, 30% of the total order amount will be deducted, and 10% of the total order amount will be refunded.

2.5 Sales Department

All sales are handled by our Sales Department. The contact details for all the departments are available on the Contact Us page and for the Sales Department are as follows:

+92 332 233267 , +92 336 2042666 (Whatsapp)

The Sales Department is typically the first department to get in touch with prospective and new customers and remains in contact till the sale is made and in taking details with customizations for the order.

In the event of not contacting the relevant department, Arteriors will not be liable for not entertaining any query regarding sales. However, the query may be forwarded to the relevant department.

3.      Delivery

We offer doorstep order delivery for both in-store and online orders through third-party logistics companies or private contractors. We can place the delivered items up on the ground floor. If the items require to be delivered on any floor above, a fixed amount will be charged.

3.1 Delivery Charges

Delivery charges apply to all orders throughout the country. However, from time to time, we may offer free delivery in select cities. The amount of the charges is not fixed due to dynamic market conditions and fluctuating fuel prices. The charges also depend on the delivery location. In addition, third-party logistics companies may revise their rates and, as a result, impact the delivery cost. However, the charges are intimated in advance.

3.2 Delivery Timeline

Once the order is in process, after the payment of the advance amount, the typical order delivery timeline is of 15-20 working days. In normal conditions, customers can expect their order delivered in the timeframe of 15-20 working days. The working days are from Saturday to Thursday with Friday as off. However, there can be some delays in the timeline by factors that are out of control, including but not limited to:

  1. Heavy rainfall
  2. Electrical outage
  3. Material supply chain disturbance
  4. Political unrest
  5. Natural disaster

In any such event or any relating event, the customer will be informed of the expected delay in delivery from the Fulfilment and Manufacturing Department.

Once the order is forwarded for delivery, there can be delays by factors detailed above and as follows:

  1. Traffic condition
  2. Political protests
  3. Road condition
  4. Traffic accident
  5. Weather condition

However, when delivering to the location, we will inform the customer in advance if there are any delays.

3.3 Delivery Policy

When the order has been manufactured, the customer must be able to receive it when we deliver it within 7 days. If the time duration exceeds 7 days, we will charge the warehouse fees on a per-day basis. The additional number of days when the order does not get delivered due to the customer’s request will add up to warehouse fees, provided 7 days have passed. These charges will be informed in advance.

If the order is not collected in 30 days, the order will be considered canceled. In this case, 30% of the total order amount will be deducted, 10% of the total order amount will be refunded, and the furniture item will be shipped to our showroom for sale.

On delivery, when the order is received, as long as our delivery partners are on the premises, customers are encouraged to check the order fully and report if there are any defects. After 24 hours, no claims will be accepted.

The delivery items will not be handed over completely as long as the remaining amount of 60% payment is not made over to our delivery partners.

3.4 Damages in Delivery

Damages in delivery are an unfortunate possibility for both customers and Arteriors. It is a possibility from third-party logistics companies. In case of damages during delivery, Arteriors will repair the damages, but the delivery timeline will be affected depending on the nature and intensity of the damage. The added number of days required for the repair and redelivery will be informed in advance. However, the order will not be refunded either fully or partially due to damage(s) in delivery.

3.5 Delivery Timings

There is an 8-hour window on the delivery timing on the day specified by the Fulfilment and Manufacturing Department. The department can schedule the delivery, and the customer can expect it within 8 hours of the specified day and time. Following is a checklist for the customer once a time and date for delivery have been communicated:

  1. Make sure the remainder payment is at hand
  2. There is sufficient space for the order to be placed
  3. Someone at the premises is responsible for collecting and checking the order

3.6 Fulfilment and Manufacturing Department

All orders are handled and fulfilled by our Fulfilment and Manufacturing Department. The contact details for all the departments are available on the Contact Us page and for the Fulfilment and Manufacturing Department are as follows:

+92 332 233267 (Whatsapp)

Once the order is booked and all the relevant details, including fabric and any other customizations, are finalized by the customer through the Sales Department, the order is sent for processing to the Fulfilment and Manufacturing Department.

The Fulfilment and Manufacturing Department produces the order as per the specified details and ensures that the order is up to the mark and produced according to the specifications. Once the order is ready, it is inspected and sent for delivery, and handled over to the customer.

If there are any unforeseen delays, the department informs the customer in advance and remains in coordination with the customer on the dates and times of the order delivery.

4.      Refund Policy

Our refund policy covers all the conditions that make full or partial refunds eligible for the customers. The decision for any refund case to be partial or full is made on a case-to-case basis. The form of refund can be a replacement with a new furniture item, free repair of the fault, or cash, depending on the case. Any amount refund is made directly to the customer after the concerned department has approved the claim.

4.1 Valid Refund Conditions 

The following are the conditions in which partial or full refund condition is applicable:

  1. The fabric selected is not the same as the product delivered according to the fabric code
  2. The color selected is not from the same color family in the product delivered
  3. The order conditions are not fulfilled as per the details confirmed by the client

4.2 Ineligible Refund Conditions 

Any design variation/customization that is not recommended by Arteriors, made on any Arteriors standard product, is not eligible for a refund.

While in most cases, we deliver the exact color as selected, however, since the fabric is imported, sometimes, the selected color variation goes out of stock. In this case, we use the closest color variation to the one selected. If there is a slight variation in fabric color, the product will be ineligible for a refund.

Fully customized designs in which customers provide the product picture/design are not eligible for a refund.

If the product gets broken after the delivery, it is not eligible for a refund. However, we may provide after-sales services on payment.

We only provide after-sales service in case of any issues with customized orders. The customer will bear the after-sales service charges, including material costs. We reserve the right to decline to provide after-service. However, if applicable, our team will guide the customers on its repair.

5.      Imported Goods Policy

Our manufacturing process requires materials and items from across borders. Certain raw materials and processed items are imported from different countries. The fabric used is imported and has no warranty as per the industrial standards. Some of the other imported materials including but not limited to the following, are also not eligible for the warranty:

  1. Non-Wooden furniture legs
  2. Sofa buttons
  3. Locks
  4. Handles
  5. Studs

6.      Payments

Payments can be made in the form of cash, bank deposits, or other available options during order confirmation. The minimum payment for the order processing is 40% of the total amount, while the remaining percentage of the total order amount is paid on delivery. Customers have the option to pay the full amount in advance.

7.      Manufacturing Procedure and Quality of Products

Our manufacturing process is constantly evolving while meeting industrial standards. While we do not compete with any other company or brand in terms of comparison in certain build quality, customers can experience our standards by placing a smaller order or by visiting our physical store(s). However, visits to our warehouse(s) are not allowed as they also contain orders of our customers that are private for them.

We employ only experienced staff in the manufacturing of our products. In addition, our quality control team has a well-developed sense of depth on all the nuances of crafting furniture, so they can spot quality issues even before the order is ready for delivery. All the relevant steps in quality control for the furniture industry are carried out, including but not limited to polish check, structure integrity check, fabric check, and packaging.

Our procedure is to inspect the order at various stages of manufacturing to ensure there is no issue that gets carried over to the finished order.

Arteriors is not liable to offer any refunds or replacements if the delivered product is not exactly as displayed on the website. According to industry standards, there is an error margin between the picture and the manufactured item.